Cosmetic Dentistry

Through our smiles we express a range of emotions and this may determine how successful we interact socially with people around us.
Various principles govern the art of smile design and are all carefully considered during each treatment plan.
Factors like:
  • Correction of the Smile Line. (The line along the incisal edges of the upper front teeth which should follow the curvature of the top border of the lower lip while smiling.)
  • Closure of Gaps (Diastema)
  • Correction of Gum Line (the actual line between the marginal ridge of the gum where it meets the tooth)
  • Adjusting the characteristic of the buccal corridor
  • Correction of tooth dimensions and angulation
  • Applying the Golden proportion rule
  • And much more other important criteria.
Having said that, smile design should always include the evaluation and analysis of both facial and dental composition.

While some dentists have little regard for living tissue and apply excessive removal of tooth structure during treatment like crown preparation or even while preparing for a filling, we always endeavor to be as conservative as possible with little or no reduction of tooth structure where possible. Indiscriminate tooth structure removal is often seen when problems like tooth crowding is treated by using treatment options like veneers to make the teeth look straight. However, excessive amounts of tooth structure is unnecessarily removed in the process which could NEVER be replaced. This is why the correct treatment for problems like crowding should include additional treatment like orthodontics, which may take longer, but would be much more preserving and lasting than the quick irreversible destruction of healthy tissue.

Although we consider your opinion and wish list as very crucial, we will explain the importance of these principles, amongst other important things, at each treatment planning visit to ensure we achieve the most desirable end result.

Following are just a few examples of cosmetic treatment we perform daily. Problems like gaps, a front crown that does not match or uneven gum line seem less important to some practitioners, but to us it is essential that crowns, fillings or any treatment is inconspicuous, blending in well with the surrounding dentition and soft tissue of the mouth and face.

Diastema (The Unwanted Gap)

Case A
Case B

Porcelain Crowns Should Look Inconspicuous and Natural


Surgical Gum Re-contouring (Correction of Gum Line)

Many people inherit the problem of uneven gums. Too much gum tissue give the impression that a tooth is too short and an uneven gum line may make teeth look unevenly sized. Correction is possible through the following procedures:

Gum re-contouring

A cosmetic surgical procedure called a gum lift and/or gum re-contouring can be useful to correct this problem. Where gum line problems are the real cause of apparent flaws in a smile, re-contouring can often enable the patient to avoid invasive and unnecessary dental work in an effort to correct the problem. Correcting a flawed gum line is therefore an important part of revealing the underlying natural beauty of a smile. Contouring is:
  • Reshaping of the gums, typically removing excess gum tissue. In some cases a gum graft is performed to fill in areas where more gum is needed.
  • Retracting the gum line, making the tooth look more normal size and not so short and also can be easier to clean.
  • Extend the gum line to cover exposed roots and mask teeth that appear too long.
  • Reduce puffiness
  • Correct an uneven gum line, so the teeth appear straighter and more aligned.
The gum line, and the bone just beneath the gum line, can be changed and so doing the appearance of the smile, creating a more even gum line or making the teeth appear longer. Instead of gum contouring, crown lengthening can provide fantastic results. It is a simple procedure done under local aesthetic where both gum and supporting bone is gently re-contoured and excess gum and bone tissue removed to expose more of the natural teeth
*Results shown on this website are all photographs of our own patients taken and placed with their permission . Teeth and smiles are not enhanced with photographic tools. What you see is what you get!
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