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Dental Showcase Birmingham October 2013

We attended the Dental Showcase in Birmingham on 18 October 2013. This is always a very exciting event and any new developments in dentistry are closely followed and incorporated in our practice as soon as we return. This ensures that you, our patient, always receive the best and most updated treatment modalities available.

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About Amalgam

Sound Advice

We find an informed patient to be a conscientious patient. Being in control of your own oral health will help you to reach the ultimate objective of obtaining Dental Health for Life which in return, is exactly what we want for our patients.

I came across the following valuable information published by the British Association of Dental Nurses and have their permission to pass it on to you:
A natural approach to oral hygiene
Providing patients with advice on oral care products that suit their individual lifestyles is an important part of dentistry and hygiene.

According to the Organic Monitor, a marketing and information service company that specialises in the international organic food industry, the last five years has seen a surge in increasing global demand for natural, chemical-free products.

Following a healthy, natural lifestyle is an important choice for many patients – strict diets are followed and natural beauty products are carefully chosen – and being given advice as to how to incorporate this into their oral care routine can be highly valued. Dr Bill Kellner-Read, dentist and author of the acclaimed book Toxic Bite, has written extensively on the topic of the link between oral and general health, and advocates limiting the amount of chemicals patients take into their bodies.

Chemicals to avoid

There are four types of chemicals that people may already be aware of and try to avoid:

1. Fluoride: Some people believe fluoride has the potential to negatively affect our general health as research has suggested it increases the incidence of cancer and tumor growth, disrupts the immune system, speeds up the aging process, increases arthritis and causes genetic damage.

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2.Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS): A foaming detergent to assist in cleaning, SLS can cause contact eczema, eye and skin irritation, and it has a protein-denaturing effect sloughing off skin, causing sores and exacerbating mouth ulcers.

3. Triclosan: Known for its antibacterial properties it is chlorophenal, a class of chemicals suspected of causing cancer and when taken internally, even in small amounts.

4. Parabens: Parabens are used to kill bacteria, prevent the growth of mould and prolong the shelf life of chemical toothpastes; however it is believed that frequent absorption of parabens contributes to the development of cancerous tumours.

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Natural alternatives

The following advice can be given to patients who would like to choose a more natural oral care regime:

1. Eat organically grown, pesticide-free, living whole foods a high percentage of which should be eaten raw. Simply eating more fruit in the morning between when they wake up and noon can achieve rapid detoxification. Fruits such as grapes (including the seeds), plums and oranges are ideal

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2.Keep well hydrated. Drink at least eight to 10 glasses of water a day. The best times to drink water are one glass 30 minutes before eating and a similar amount two and a half hours after food.

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There is a range of products available.

1. Pen-Gum botanical mouthwash concentrate, which is suitable for vegan and diabetic patients. The botanical mouthwash concentrate is formulated with natural herbal extracts that work in a variety of ways to prevent gum disease and mouth ulcers.
2. Cayenne: fights infection, stimulates circulation to promote healing, and relieves pain
3. Bloodroot: reduces plaque
4. Echinacea: immune system booster,

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antiseptic, antibacterial, and relieves pain
5. Bayberry: astringent, tightens gums, antiseptic, and stimulant
6. White Oak Bark: astringent, tightens gums, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic
7. Tea Tree Oil: antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and Antibacterial
8. Peppermint Oil: stimulates circulation, antiseptic, aromatic freshens breath.
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