I have been fortunate with the work I do to have lived and worked in a number of places throughout the World. I have been less fortunate with the health of my teeth over my lifetime and it was often necessary to get dental help in many of the places I found myself.

Looking back it was all too often a case of ‘make do and mend’ with any dental before moving on to my next assignment place. The consequence of this ultimately led to an accumulation of serious dental issues. I needed, not just standard dental help, there is a lot of choice in the market for that. No, I needed someone special, a creative dental genius no less, someone who could envisage a way to make my teeth work again.

I am proud to share with you this testimonial to Doctor Jannie Tromp and his Practice team.

It was with great patience and professionalism that Doctor Tromp examined and assessed my urgent dental needs. I was given more than one option to resolve the problems with detailed information explained clearly, any questions I had were answered fully in the beginning and along the way.

The procedure itself was organized and carried out expediently with appointments that suited my own work schedule. Dr Tromp had told me at the beginning of the surgery on my teeth that the option I had chosen would enable him to provide me with teeth that would not only function well but teeth that would allow me confidently to smile again.

They do and I can!

My thanks to Dr Tromp for his diligence, patience, and I think unique dental skills. I also thank his supportive team for their professionalism in helping along the way.

Barry Baldwin - November 2018
I was always very fearful of going to the dentist until I started going to Dental Health for Life. Not only are Dr Tromp and the dental nurses very knowledgeable and talented at what they do, but they are all so lovely too. The whole experience has been a great one, even when procedures had to be done, they were all very supportive of my fears and made everything bearable. We’ve got to know each other really well in the past few years of my treatment, that it doesn’t feel like going to the dentist anymore, I’m not scared.

Thank you Dental Health For Life xxx

Anonymous - November 2018
I was always very fearful of going to the dentist until I started going to Dental Health for Life. Not only are Dr Tromp and the dental nurses very knowledgeable and talented at what they do, but they are all so lovely too.

The whole experience has been a great one, even when procedures had to be done, they were all very supportive of my fears and made everything bearable. We’ve got to know each other really well in the past few years of my treatment, that it doesn’t feel like going to the dentist anymore, I’m not scared.

Thank you Dental Health For Life

Anonymous. - Jun 2018
For the first time in my life I can smile with confidence due to Dr Tromps dental expertise which is 2nd to none.

I felt immediately at ease on arrival at the St Mary Street Dental Practice where there's always a smile and a friendly atmosphere.

Thank you for all you have done.

Debbie Kerr - May 2018

I came to Dental Health for Life because I had a problem with my top denture.

I looked up denture specialists on Google and Dental Health for Life came up. I read the reviews and decided to come for a free consultation.

It was a very friendly atmosphere. I didn't feel under any pressure to go ahead. Dr. Tromp gave good advise and he looked into my medical conditions so I decided to go ahead with treatment.

I am very pleased with the work carried out and never had to wait for appointments, always seen within the week. I recommended my husband came, he is also very happy with his treatment.

Kathleen Storie - February 2018
I started treatment back in March 2016 and since then I have undergone orthodontic treatment, my amalgam fillings have been replaced, surgery completed, crown and bridge work completed and I have just had a lower denture fitted. Well, I am more than happy with the results. The work I had was virtually pain free and I cannot fault Dental Health For Life. They accommodated my appointments very well around my working schedule too.

Dr. Tromp and his team have been very professional and friendly although I feel part of the family here! Now, I only have to come here for my 6 monthly check up’s instead of coming regularly. I will miss coming here often!

I am now confident in smiling and showing off my teeth! I am very happy and my treatment was worth every penny! I cannot recommend them enough.

Hilda Walker - October 2017
After becoming increasingly concerned at the declining standard in NHS dental care I was receiving, I was keen to ensure that my latter years would not be blighted by dental problems impairing my general health and wellbeing.

Having witnessed the high standard of dental work Dr Tromp has performed on family members and hearing their fulsome praise of his skill and professionalism I decided to enquire whether, at 83 years old, I could also benefit from his care.

From my first consultation with Dr Tromp I have felt that I am in the hands of a true professional who always treats his patients with kindnesi and respect.

Using state of the art equipment Dr Tromp highlighted areas of present and future concern and discussed the various treatment options with me without pressure and with consideration of my financial resources.

Treatment with Dr Tromp was painless and the kindness and consideration of his dental nurse, Lisa, made the whole experience a pleasure. These are not words I had previously associated with dental treatment!

After the completion of my treatment my teeth now feel better than they have for many years. I also have the confidence that issues which would have caused me dental problems in future years have been eradicated allowing me to get on and enjoy my life.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Tromp and his team to anyone seeking 'dental care for life'.

Gwyneth Morris - 23 July 2017

I have never been happy with my teeth and after having orthodontic treatment as a teenager, I didn’t think that anything could be done.

I am so please that I chose to see Dr Tromp. For the first time, the problem with my bite was explained to me for the first time in detail. Dr Tromp also explained to me what could be achieved with orthodontic treatment. I felt fully informed and this gave me the confidence to go ahead.

I feel that Dr Tromp has always been very honest with me about the finished results I could expect but I have to say that my expectations have been surpassed, not just by the way my teeth look now but by the quality of care provided by Dr Tromp and his team throughout my treatment.

Rather unexpectedly, I have also found that since my bite has been corrected I no longer suffer from tinnitus. I have had this all my life and it has affected my hearing and my daily life but now I enjoy the silence, Amazing! I can’t recommend Dr Tromp and his team highly enough.

Ellen James - 9th February 2017
Treatment – Implant: Haven given it much thought over the years I have been coming to your practice, it would seem appropriate after the implant recently completed that I give praise where due.
Looking back to the beginnings of your practice, verbal communications between dentist and patient was a test! For you coming from your Southern Africa with a Boar accent and me with Wiltshire broken H’s it was a wonder the appropriate treatment was prescribed or understood. However with time and plenty of humour you have assimilated into the British way of life.
If anyone should read this testimonial and is pondering an implant, then you could do no better than Dr Jannie Tromp. You may think it could be done quicker or cheaper elsewhere but the time spend between each surgical process and monitoring assures a successful implant, when the crown was finally fitted, it was as thought I had my sixty year old tooth back.
If Jannie should recommend an implant, go for it, but don’t expect it to be a quick fix, and finally abide by post-surgery instructions, it requires patient and dentist in partnership

Melvyn Matthews, Calnè, 11 July 2016, Treatment: Implant

Treatment – Orthodontics: Firstly I would like to thank everyone at Dental Health for Life for their work, I’m so pleased with the results. I went to Dr Tromp for orthodontic treatment after a combination of wisdom teeth and bad habits undid the orthodontic work I had done as a teenager. He explained the options available and what they entailed so I felt I could make an informed decision. After deciding to go ahead, I was referred to a specialist to have my wisdom teeth removed, Dr Tromp and the team proceeded to go ahead with my orthodontics. During the treatment the steps were explained to me so I understood what was going on at each stage, and the team were always friendly and encouraging. This has continued with the aftercare, ensuring that my teeth remain in good condition and bad habits don’t re-emerge! Looking at the before and after photos I can’t believe the difference, and believe I made the right choice going to Dental Heath for Life.
Samantha Fiveash, Chippenham, 3 August 2016, Treatment: Orthodontics
Treatment – Bridge: My experience here has been great. I got what I wanted which was a new bridge. I am pleased with the service I received at Dental Health for Life and I now feel as if I have my real teeth back. I didn’t expect it to be this good.
Thank you Dr Tromp.

Amanda Clark, Chippenham, 22 November 2016, Treatment: Bridge
I hated my teeth and never smiled showing, I was recommended to Dental Health for life in Chippenham and was so pleased I was. The whole experience was good, and a very big thank you to Dr Tromp who has done an amazing job and Ii am no longer embarrassed and can smile with confidence. Dental nurses Lisa and Edwina are lovely, the whole atmosphere is so friendly and relaxed, thank you so much again, it really has changed how I feel about my smile.

Patricia Walford - 11 June 2016
My thanks to Dr Tromp at the St Mary street dental practice in Chippenham and his two charming dental nurses. I have never been more at ease at a dentist before and never in any pain. After asking you what you want to achieve dental wise, Dr Tromp will then suggest what can be done and give you options. Be it white teeth, crowns implants etc. The practice has all the modern equipment and x-rays, which is shown and explained to you in the dentist chair. After nearly 40 years once again I have my smile back also my confidence. You are never too old to make a difference to your life.Mrs Madelaine Abrahams.

Madelaine Abrahams - 14 January 2016
When I come to the dentist I was very low with no confidence. I had a free appointment for the dentist to see my teeth. They were in such a bad way and I didn’t know what to do. I must say the dentist was so helpful and the assistant made me completely feel at ease. I went away feeling positive and so much happier. The dentist wrote a report for me to get my teeth up together. Its been 3 months now and I smile so much more and Im so confident. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, coming to the dentist. He has also given me so much advice on oral dental care and with his help and work and my belief in keeping his work maintained I feel I have my life back and since coming to this dental practice it has been so much better. So I’d like to thank all the team for their professionalism, friendliness, experience but most of all, real good dentistry.

Jeremy Garlick - 2015
Having had dreadful experiences as a child during visits to the school dentist and again in my early 20s in the care of a newly qualified NHS dentist, I had a deep rooted fear of going to the dentist. I have always gone for check ups but before any appointment I would have a sleepless night and a churning stomach and, as a consequence, forty years later, I had a number of very old amalgam fillings several of which were cracked and quite possibly leaking mercury.

I knew I should have had them removed a long time ago but I was simply too scared to have the job done. When I finally accepted that I could not leave things any longer I decided to look on the internet to see if there was a dentist in Chippenham who was good with anxious patients and I saw Dr Tromp's website. I went for my first appointment with a degree of trepidation but Dr Tromp and his staff have a sincere understanding of how patients feel and did their very best to alleviate my concerns.

After the first session I knew I could trust Dr Tromp and so I was more relaxed as I went for the subsequent treatments. As a result of Dr Tromp's patience and expertise I have had 15 old fillings replaced with nice new white ones and I am so grateful to him and his team.

Ann Taylor - 29 July 2015
When I first came to the practice for ortho treatment, I wasn’t expecting the results I got. They are far better than expected and I am very pleased with the service provided by Dr tromp and his lovely assistants. Although the treatment may seem to be a long journey and expensive, it was worth every penny and I can’t stop smiling now. I would definitely recommend dental health for life.

Monika Walczak - 15 July 2015
My experience with Dental Health for Life has been a positive one due to the care and attention received from not only Dr Tromp but also his staff, Edwina and Lisa, who have been exceptional, they have been supportive and kind throughout, and I really appreciated the personal touch of receiving a card on my birthday, which is not something I would normally expect from a dentist, it really shows they go the extra mile.
Dr Tromp has has been extremely professional at all times and answered all questions I have had and explained all procedures in detail.

Thanking you very much,

Pamela Daniells - 20 May 2015
I first came to the practice in 2010 because I hated my teeth. I was very nervous at first but was immediately made to feel welcome and at ease. Dr Tromp was very professional and caring, and together we talked through a treatment plan. I had invisalign orthodontics. Throughout the treatment I actually enjoyed coming to each appointment to see the transformation bit by bit. Having now completed the process, I LOVE my smile and feel confident about my teeth all thanks to Dr Tromp and his team. I would definitely recommended Dental Health For Life.

Danielle Miller - 18 May 2015
' ... since having my denture I have noticed that my pronunciation of certain words is much clearer, you don't realise how important your teeth are when speaking!'

' ..being able to choose from a range of possible denture options meant that I was able to get as near as possible to the shape & colour of my existing teeth which was important to me.'

Catherine - 15 May 2015
I would like to thank Dr tromp and his fantastic team for all the care that they have given me throughout my treatment. Having had bad experiences in the past, I was nervous and reluctant to make an appointment. It took a lot of courage to make the call, but I needn't have worried, because from the outset, I was welcomed by a warm and friendly team who gave me support and the very best of care.

Every step was explained in detail, making me feel at ease and in control. I was able to book each appointment exactly when I wanted it without having to wait for weeks in between. Dr Tromp is passionate about his work and uses the most up to date procedures with amazing results. I would never have believed that in just a few short months there could be such a transformation.

The results have been life changing for me. I now have confidence in myself and a smile to be proud of. I cannot thank you all enough.

Jane Henstridge - 15 April 2015
Over a period of twenty years I developed a habit of grinding and crunching my teeth usually whilst I was asleep. Although my teeth are generally in good order it was becoming a constant worry that my habit was becoming more frequent and looking more unsightly by the week. When we moved to the Chippenham area, I hunted high and low for a reliable dentist that could fit my wife and kids in for a check-up and try and repair the damage to my own teeth. Although my occupation provides free dental care, it works similar to the NHS, a quick fix and don’t expect anything else. Dr Tromp inspected and immediately pin pointed the problem causing the damage to my precious teeth. It was not solely due to my habit but more a case of my lower jaw being in the wrong position with an overbite. If the jaw and teeth were in the correct position, then it wouldn’t be possible to cause such damage when I grind them. The treatment was carefully outlined to me, detailing time frames and estimated cost. The price was a shock; however considering the sacrifice of a summer holiday abroad for one year and looking at the bigger picture regarding an integral part of my body on display everyday looking and feeling nice for the rest of my life, it was a no brainer. I agreed to proceed with the treatment of correcting the overbite and ensuring that the teeth interlocked correctly. The reception team are fantastic flexible, and understanding, friendly and efficient. Once the brackets were neatly installed onto my teeth, it was simply a case of following instructions to the letter. Every six weeks or so I was required to pop in for a check-up and see how things were going. After twelve months I noticed how my teeth had moved into position. My teeth look fantastic: my children can’t believe how I look and smile. My face has changed slightly, for the better! My cheekbones now have slight definition and my lower jaw is symmetrical to the upper. I smile different and with confidence knowing that my teeth are healthy, correct and fit into the image conscious world we find ourselves in. The best bit is that all the teeth are mine, genuine and natural and providing I look after them, will be with me for the rest of my life.

Michael Wall, 8 April 2015
How do I describe Dr Tromp and his team? Brilliant, thoughtful, so kind, I could carry on singing their praises all day long.

My wife and I feel so lucky to have found a wonderful dentist. He is simply a genius and we feel so grateful for his great care and attention.

You have given back our smiles which are much appreciated by our grandchildren. The grumpy looks are gone, we love our smiley faces. Thank you.

Mr and Mrs Davidge - August 2014
I had bleeding gums every day for years, and just started to think of it as “normal”. I had seen dentists regularly, but the problems were never solved or even improved. Eventually my gums started receding quite badly and I ended up with a couple of very loose teeth. I registered with his surgery as an emergency soon after I moved to Chippenham, as one of my loose teeth actually came out.

I was quite frightened by that, but Dr Tromp and his team couldn’t have been nicer or more efficient – I had my first appointment that same day and then a course of appointments over the next few weeks. I can’t get my lost tooth back, but my gums are finally on the mend, and I am really happy with the results – particularly that u have not had any bleeding at all from my gums from the very first appointment!

Kate Hook - 17 April 2014
I first came to St Marys Street Dental Practice in March 2013 for a consultation, and have since undergone a fair amount of treatments including extractions, gum surgery and orthodontic work. I have always been very, very nervous about going to the dentist and my first few visits to Dr Tromp was no exception. However he and the staff were so supportive and kind and helped put me to ease.

It has been a difficult process but Dr Tromp has been so patient and professional and explained everything to me. I am in a process of transformation and eagerly waiting the end result, what is so encouraging is that the team is supporting me through each step of the transformation.

During all the treatments I have had, I’ve only had a small amount of discomfort and Dr Tromp is the only dentist I’ve had hat has given me injections that are virtually pain free. I have also been advised about correct Dental hygiene to enable me to protect my teeth and oral health in the future.

I previously attended an NHS dentist and a private dentist but was very unhappy with the standard of care that I was receiving and was very conscious of my smile. I can truthfully say I wish I came to see Dr Tromp years ago and have I no reservation in recommending this practice to anyone. So much so my Husband has registered.

Sue Vallis - 2013
At the age of 45 I had avoided dentists for many years and I mean many. Going to be the dentist had progressively become an impossible hurdle that I couldn’t jump.

I had come up with a long list of reasons for not being able to go, developed phobias, had holes in more than one tooth and even dealt with pain and not being able to chew properly. I was finally floored though by a Cadbury’s chocolate éclair over the summer resulting in a broken tooth and more pain than I could tolerate.

I’d walked past the St Mary Street Practice many, many times as I live very close and I also then checked out the website to see if they could deal with a ‘nervous’ patient. After talking to them I finally plucked up enough courage to walk through the door, even that phone call was a challenge but I was surprised to find that this was dealt with a great deal of sympathy and understanding.

I have now had five weeks of very intensive treatment, including root canals, fillings and gum surgery; a month ago I wouldn’t have even been able to talk about that let alone have them done. However thanks to the team’s patience and understanding (including some very clever techniques I don’t even notice!) I have got through this, am now pain free for the first time in many years and no longer in fear of dental treatment.

If you’re a nervous patient you’ll appreciate that the little things make all the difference, for instance never being around when anyone else is being treated, hearing sounds you don’t like are often worse than when you are in the chair actually experiencing it. The care is very personal to each patient and not judgemental in any way, there has been understanding of my concerns and phobias and we’ve worked on being able to find ways of working with them. Everything is talked through and the appointments are never rushed, everything is done very much at the patient’s pace.

I am so pleased that I made that call, and that I can now look forward to a confident, healthy smile.

Trudy Kelly - 2013
After years of being unhappy with my teeth I decided to finally do something about it at the age of 29!
After carrying out my research on the different types of braces available I decided that Invisalign would be my favoured option.

I was looking for a local dentist in Chippenham as I was aware that I would need to make frequent trips to the dentist for check ups and living and working in Chippenham made Dental Heath For Life the best options for me.

From the outset Dr Tromp and his team made me feel at ease and reassured me, the reason for not having braces when I was younger was due to the fear of having to have teeth removed and I knew that to get the results this was a fear that I would have to overcome. I can honestly say that when I had my wisdom tooth removed I was made to feel completely comfortable and it really wasn't as bigger deal as I had imagined and even went back to work after the procedure!

I can say that I completely trust Dr Tromp he is honest and realistic about what can be achieved and I believe that he will only do work that is completely necessary. Dr Tromp and his team made the 20 month Invisalign treatment enjoyable, I actually looked forward to my 6-8 week check up appointments and it was fantastic to see the progress each time I visited.

I am so pleased with the end result and cannot thank Dr Tromp enough for helping me to achieve the straight teeth that I wanted and all in time for my wedding!

I would definitely recommend Dental Health For Life, the practice is professional and they genuinely care about their patients.

Grace Butcher - 05 September 2013
I came to the practice as I was told by my NHS dentist in Calne to come here for advice from Dr Tromp. When I first met with Dr Tromp, I trusted him immediately. I found him honest, friendly and I felt that he actually wanted to help me on a daily basis. The treatment started straight away and once my teeth were removed, I had my dentures placed which when things were healed and settled, I had my confidence back.

Dr Tromp does excellent and I would recommend him to anyone as he listened, solved every problem I had to begin with and has made me smile again.

All in all, he is a fantastic Dentist and person.

Kristen Smart - August 2013
Every lady should have three beauty professionals...her hairdresser , beautician and most important of all her orthodontic dentist!!

Spending a fortune with the first two will be poor investment if the lady has crooked, badly spaced , chipped or stained teeth. Superb orthodontic treatment stacks up as lifechanging as a facelift and lasts a lifetime with only a little care and attention.

Only orthodontic treatment gives a dentist the chance and challenge to consider every tooth in your mouth and how it will operate with ajoining teeth

Glance at any fashion magazine and study those models and celebs. They all have great looking teeth and a really wide friendly smile.....a super confidence booster!!

Orthodontic treatment is now available for everyone ....not just royalty and filmstars.

Orthodontic treatment is so much more than just vanity.....correctly positioned teeth are so much easier to keep clean and clean teeth mean less fillings etc. With a little care from the patient and a great dentist teeth can last a lifetime .....only babies look pretty with no teeth.

Alison Lewin - 1 June 2013
I have been attending The Dental Practice at 63, St. Mary's Street, Chippenham and receiving treatment from Dr. Jannie Tromp for the past 6 years. I registered with Dr Tromp, along with my husband and my son, after our old Dentist retired.

I have received various treatments, including deep cleaning and having the gumline raised (necessary due to previously untreated gingivitis.) I have had all of my old fillings replaced with white fillings which look so much better and I have had a tooth extracted. During all of the treatments I have received I have been delighted with the end results and with only a small amount of discomfort.

I have been kept informed about all courses of treatment and all the possible options. I have been advised about dental hygeine to protect my teeth and my health in the future and always get my questions answered.

I am always able to get an appointment quickly and when it suits me. Everybody at the practice is very friendly and welcoming and I have no worries about cleanliness and hygiene.

Kay Davies 11 September 2012
I first came to St. Mary Street Dental Practice in Spring 2011 for a consultation and felt immediately comfortable with both the proposed treatment plan and my choice of practice thanks to Dr Tromp and his staff – all of whom are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and more than happy to answer any questions I had.

After having an operation on my mouth when I was younger I was left with noticeable gaps and other aesthetic problems with my teeth which really knocked my confidence and left me feeling self-conscious about my smile. Being 2, I really didn’t want noticeable conventional braces so Dr Tromp suggested Invisalign which has been the perfect solution.

I am now midway through my treatment and couldn’t be happier with the process – the aligners quickly slotted in as part of my daily routine and as I can remove them to eat and brush my teeth they don’t impact my day to day life in the slightest. They are comfortable and so inconspicuous that often even my boyfriend and family can’t tell that I’m wearing them. I, and those around mew have already seen a great difference in both aesthetics of my teeth and my confidence and cannot wait to see the finished result. I am very glad I decided to come here for my treatment as Dr Tromp, Runel and Carike have made an experience that could be so daunting and stressful an easy and pleasant journey.

Amy Barton - 04 September 2012
I was scared of dentists and having not visited one for several years, it was with great trepidation that I booked my first appointment with St Mary's Street Dental Practice. I chose to go there after reading the testimonials of other patients with whose comments I now wholeheartedly agree.

Dr Tromp and his team are great. They are all so friendly and have a genuine interest in me as a person not just as a patient. I am now extremely comfortable going along for appointments and after extensive treatment, which was fully explained to me at every stage, I am now down to six monthly check ups. Even better, I am no longer scared of dentists. I cannot recommend Dr Tromp and his team highly enough.

Kathy Todd - 26 January 2012
The best dentist I have ever been to. Dr Tromp and his team helped me to overcome my dental phobia and addressed every problem I had, step by step, Using modern techniques and materials, he gave me back my oral health, greatly improved the look of my teeth and I can now smile with confidence at last!

Ellen Dickens - 03 August 2011
It’s never too late!

For over 60 years I have had overcrowded, crooked teeth and a misaligned jaw. I was embarrassed at the state of my mouth. Then I met Dr Tromp. He produced a carefully explained treatment plan but noted my priorities. Although apprehensive, I agreed to go ahead. After extensive treatment to repair past damage, I started on a long course with Invisalign. I have worn the invisible plastic liners for 3 years. At first, it was difficult, sometimes I felt like giving up, but it soon became a way of life, removing them for each meal and new ones every two weeks. Now I have straight teeth and corrected jaw. I feel good and look good. Im glad I persevered. A big thank you to Dr Tromp and his friendly and supportive staff.

Hazel Bowden - 08 February 2011
I thought it appropriate that I write to uyou (as previously mentioned) to let you know that the extensive dental treatment I had done a short while ago has proved to be a “god-send”. It was all too obvious that my teeth/gums were in a bad state before starting the treatment.

The work done by you has transformed my mouth (and my life in many ways). I now have my smile and confidence back thanks to your expertise. Keep up the good work – and may many other people benefit from your skills.

A sincere thank you

Jane Freeman - October 2010
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